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The Late Hit


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Amy Tackett

"OMG, where to even start with this book?!"

Between the friends-to-lovers trope, the action-packed football setting, and the STEAMY romance scenes, I couldn’t put this book down! The author did an amazing job of taking us on Q + B’s emotional journey, and I just loved the depth and complexity to each character’s story line, especially Brynn’s.


"Let's just take a moment to revel in the fact that this is a debut novel."

The angst, pain, and loss in this book also made me ugly cry. I could feel all of those emotions swirling around, but Alexis put us back together again with the cutest freaking ending. I had happy tears in my eyes.


"This book is a 5 star TOUCHDOWN!"

The Late Hit by Alexis Buxton is a debut novel from this author and absolutely outstanding! I never would have known it was a debut as the writing and story were perfection. This book delivers on everything from the friendship, to the sports, and the chemistry.